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Buy chickens online and have them shipped to you. As a full-service chicken hatchery, we ship day old chicks across the United States. We carry several popular and productive commercial chickens: Conventional Broilers, Specialty Broilers, Brown Egg Layers, and White Egg Layer. Ready-To-Lay Pullets and Fertile Eggs are also available from our hatchery. Hobbyist, poultry farmers, and commercial producers rely on us for birds that are delivered on-time and at reasonable prices.

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Starting May 30, 2017

Specialty Broiler

Imperial Red

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Starting May 23, 2017

Conventional Broiler

Straight Run

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Starting May 25, 2017

Brown Ready to Lay

Pullet (17 Weeks Old)

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Starting June 7, 2017

Brown Egg Layers

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About Moyer's Chicks

What started in a garage in 1946 has grown to become the premier site to order chickens online. Our day-old chicks are sought after by homestead and commercial poultry farmers alike for their production, temperament, and durability.

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Commercial and Wholesale Customers

Growers, hatcheries, and egg farms trust Moyer’s Chicks for their commercial poultry needs. We offer volume discounts, custom hatching services, and commercial poultry transportation. Turn to Moyer’s Chicks for your next order.

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