White Egg Layer Straight Run


Moyer’s White Leghorn is a productive breed of egg laying chickens. A popular choice for small farm and commercial egg suppliers, our birds produce 300 or more eggs in a yearly laying cycle. These birds are a highly efficient white egg laying producer, consuming less than 3 pounds of feed per dozen eggs. It does well in confinement housing.

These day-old chicks are delivered as a straight run; they are not gender selected, so you will receive a natural mixture of pullets and cockerels.

Beak treatment services can be added to your order for $0.15 per bird.

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4 — 49

2.06 each

50 — 99

1.70 each

100 — 499

1.55 each

500 — 999

1.34 each

1000 — 2499

1.24 each

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Note: Minimum quantity for shipping is 20 chicks.

Smaller quantities may be picked up at our hatchery.