Brown Egg Layer Day-Old Chicks


Moyer’s hybrid White Rock/Rhode Island Red is known for producing delicious brown eggs. These birds are strong, will continue laying eggs throughout the winter, and can sustain egg production peaks of over 90% for months.

These baby chicks are docile, friendly, and are the perfect way to get started in backyard chicken farming, while commercial poultry farmers choose them for dependable egg production.

Normal productivity for our brown egg laying hens is 300 eggs by 72 weeks of age (based on 3 lbs. of feed per dozen eggs).

Day-old chicks are vaccinated and shipped USPS Priority Mail the day they are hatched (minimum 20 chicks)

Brown egg layer chicks are available as a straight run, pullet (female) only or cockerel (male) only.

Looking to order over 5000 brown egg layer chicks? Visit our commercial page or call us for volume rates.

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