Our Robust White is a cross between a colored broiler and a conventional white broiler. This broiler grows slower than the conventional broiler but faster than our Imperial and Royal broiler lines. It has a robust constitution AND is known to be a hearty broiler. The bird has white feathers with about 10% brown or red flecking.

This broiler grows at a moderately fast rate and achieves a live weight of approximately 5.95 pounds in 8 weeks on 12.6 pounds of feed (FCR 2.12). Day-old chicks can be ordered as a straight run, cockerels (males) only, or pullets (females) only.

Sustainable Poultry Farming

As a USDA certified organic producer, our birds are healthy, high in protein, and safe for you to bring to your farm. These birds are aggressive foragers in free-range settings, and are a good choice for backyard flocks and pastured poultry farms committed to sustainable poultry farming. If you are looking for organic meat chickens for sale, Moyer’s Specialty Broilers is the option for you.

Quick Facts:

  • Breed: Robust White
  • Weight: 5.95 lbs. by 8 weeks
  • Bird Color: White with brown or red flecking
  • Purpose: Meat production
  • Free-Range: Yes

Bulk Orders Available

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