Our Specialty Broilers are meat chickens that are known for their heritage-type gourmet flavor, which is preferred by discriminating consumers and many high-end restaurant chefs. An attractive broiler, they come in a variety of colors—red, grey, multicolored and white with red flecking.

These Specialty Broilers are slower growing meat birds than the Conventional Broiler. They are hearty breeds that do well in a pastured environment, but can also be raised in a house. Day-old chicks are available as Imperial, Royal, and Robust White and can be ordered as a straight run, or only males or only females. Fertile eggs for our specialty broilers can be ordered for school, family farms or for hatcheries seeking larger quantities.


Moyer’s Chicks is certified by the Poultry Handling & Transportation (PHT) program. The first 3rd party certification of its kind, the PHT program trains poultry farmers, hatcheries, and transportation companies in the proper handling of birds to identify and eliminate animal welfare and biosecurity risks during handling and transportation. As one of 9 certified producers, Moyer’s is proud to bear this certification to ensure safe handling and transportation of every chick to our customers’ farms.

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