Pullet Dealer Vlog Series: Episode 1

Allow us to introduce Phil Metzger, owner of Cooper’s Ark Farm. He has been a customer of Moyer’s Chicks for over 15 years and we are proud to partner with him as one of our ready to lay pullet dealers.



The ride up on I-88 heading north in New York was beautiful, rolling hills and mountain tops all around. However, the best was yet to be seen. As soon as I arrived I was struck by the view at the lower end of the property. The weaving Schoharie Creek, home to several bald eagles, curved its way along the property line.

The next observation I made was Mr. Metzger’s charm, down to earth philpersonality and his interaction with his customers. He treated each of his customers with the utmost respect and his aim was to make their pullet pick-up experience the best possible. It didn’t matter to Phil if they were long time customers or first timers.                                             

My favorite interaction of the night occurred just after dark when a mother and 2 small children arrived to pick up 3 ready to lay pullets. Phil’s focus was on the children. He invited them to come out of their car seats and come over to the flock of pullets. Dustan's FavoriteHe wanted the children to pick out the 3 birds that were going to go home with them. As you may expect, the children were a little shy at first, but by the end of the visit, they weren’t afraid of the chickens anymore! Phil says, “You have to get them started young!” And he is exactly right! If you live in the Central New York area and looking for ready to lay pullets I would highly suggest giving Phil a call! You can’t beat the view or the exceptional customer service Phil provides.

Thank you for taking time to read. Stay tuned for our next featured ready to lay pullet dealer!

Dustan Raines

Moyer’s Chicks