Basic care for your flock Don’t wing it: Cover your FLAWS

There’s no magic to caring for chicks; it just requires starting with the right birds and then giving them the best care. Once you’ve decided to raise chicks – be it layers or broilers – you need to set them up for success. The easiest way to help them succeed is to cover your FLAWS, which are things that contribute to poor performance and, possibly, mortality. We’ll crack into the basics this month and then explore each one in more detail in the months to come.

So, let’s go through the pecking order. First up: F, where we will scratch out things like Feed, Fomites (pests), and the Flock. For L, we’ll dig into Litter (in the coop) and Lighting. When we get to A, we’ll break down such factors as Air and Ambulation. When we get to W, we will have Water and Welfare to crow about. Finally, for S, you can expect information about important considerations related to Safety and Security as well as Shelter. Also, under S we’ll hatch a discussion about Supplements, which we can elaborate on once we cover the main components of the FLAWS.

Over the next 6 months, we will tackle the FLAWS – one piece at a time so you’re ready to roll come spring. See you next month when we crack into F!

Information provided by Dr. Corissa Robinson, Best Veterinary Solutions, Inc., and Assistant ClinicalProfessor at The Pennsylvania State University Animal Diagnostic Laboratory