Beyond the Chicks

Like most little girls, I grew up with a passion for animals and a dream of becoming a veterinarian. At the age of 12, I was devoted to 4-H, participating in animal clubs, shooting sports, summer camps, Middletown Grange Fair, and veterinary science classes. I took every opportunity to learn and involve myself further in the agricultural community. With horses as the main focus, the idea of working with poultry never crossed my mind, until I got the chance to work in hatchery production at Moyer’s Chicks. Little did I know that stepping into Moyer’s on my first day in 2015 would catapult my career within the poultry industry!

I continued to work for Moyer’s until I left for Penn State University to study Animal Sciences within the College of Agriculture. At Penn State my goal of becoming a vet quickly changed.  I developed a deeper interest in all things poultry and declared a Poultry and Avian Sciences Minor during my third semester. At PSU I have been involved in the Poultry Science Club, Delta Theta Sigma (a professional agricultural fraternity), undergraduate research pertaining to hatching eggs, and have become an in-house student worker at the Poultry Education and Research Center.

During the summer of 2019, thanks to connections made through my endeavors at PSU and my experience at Moyer’s, I had the opportunity to intern for Hy-Line North America, a genetics company widely regarded within the poultry industry. I look forward to furthering my knowledge of raising poultry and working in an industry that is rapidly growing across the world. And Moyer’s Chicks was the team that got my foot in the door to my career.

If you have any questions pertaining to the PSU Poultry Science Club or Bucks County 4-H please feel free to contact me, Lindsey Bright at

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