California VND Regional Quarantine for ZIP CODES 90000-93599

Please be aware that effective immediately, the USPS no longer accepts the shipment of birds, hatching eggs, or embryonated eggs into or out of zip codes 90000-93599. This is due to the Virulent Newcastle Disease (VND) Regional Quarantine in the state of California.

Moyer's Chicks WILL NOT fulfill orders of chicks and eggs shipped to the zip codes under the quarantine.

Royal Broiler Day-Old Chicks - Gray/Multi-Female

  • Female Royal broiler

Our Royal broiler is a gray/multi colored meat bird similar to the Imperial broilers. However, it grows faster and its conformation includes larger breast portions with smaller leg portions, compared with the Imperial.

This broiler grows at a moderate rate and achieves a live weight of approximately 5.75 pounds in 9 weeks on 13.5 pounds of feed (FCR 2.35).

These Royal broilers are gender selected so you only receive females.

  • Quantity Pricing Price
  • 4 – 49 $2.00 each
  • 50 – 99 $1.56 each
  • 100 – 499 $1.32 each
  • 500 – 999 $1.12 each
  • 1000 – 9999 $1.04 each

(Chick price includes vaccine for Mareks, Rispen and Infectious Bursal disease)

Free shipping on orders of 100 or more!

Note: Minimum quantity for shipping is 20 chicks. Lesser quantities may be picked up at our hatchery.
Orders are shipped USPS Priority Mail.

Minimum order quantity: 4
Beak Treatment
TOTAL: $0.00