California VND Regional Quarantine for ZIP CODES 90000-93599

Please be aware that effective immediately, the USPS no longer accepts the shipment of birds, hatching eggs, or embryonated eggs into or out of zip codes 90000-93599. This is due to the Virulent Newcastle Disease (VND) Regional Quarantine in the state of California.

Moyer's Chicks WILL NOT fulfill orders of chicks and eggs shipped to the zip codes under the quarantine.

Hova-Bator Thermal Air Incubator

  • Hova-Bator thermal incubator

Hova-Bator thermal air incubator is an economical way to get started in hatching fertile eggs. This incubator relies on thermal currents within the device to evenly distribute the heat. A large glass window allows you to watch the incubating and hatching process in real time. Add an automatic egg turner for optimal hatching.

This incubator is 18" x 18" x 7 1/2" and runs on 110 volts AC with a 25-watt heating element. It can handle up to 50 chicken eggs, and it can also work with duck and quail eggs.


TOTAL: $74.00