California VND Regional Quarantine for ZIP CODES 90000-93599

Please be aware that effective immediately, the USPS no longer accepts the shipment of birds, hatching eggs, or embryonated eggs into or out of zip codes 90000-93599. This is due to the Virulent Newcastle Disease (VND) Regional Quarantine in the state of California.

Moyer's Chicks WILL NOT fulfill orders of chicks and eggs shipped to the zip codes under the quarantine.

BVS Vitamins & Electrolyte Concentrate

  • BVS Vitamins

Concentrated vitamins and electrolytes for use in poultry and livestock drinking water. Used to ensure adequate intake of essential vitamins and electrolytes during periods of reduced feed intake, extreme conditions, or stress. Can be used in proportions. Mixing instructions are on the packet.


TOTAL: $5.50