Commercial and Wholesale Eggs and Chicks

Since 1946, Moyer’s Chicks has been supplying commercial poultry operations with day-old chicks, fertile eggs, and started pullets. Commercial farmers and hatcheries in Pennsylvania, the eastern United States, and Canada trust us to deliver healthy chicks on-time and at affordable prices.

Commercial Chick Orders

We provide quality day-old chicks, fertile eggs, and started pullets to a variety of customers. Ranging from 5,000 to well over 100,000 chicks, our wholesale orders are perfect for both small family farms and international commercial poultry operations.

As a local, family-owned company, we offer outstanding customer service and guaranteed live delivery. And with a flexible operation, we can handle orders of all sizes and timeframes. So whether you are placing a one-time order or scheduling deliveries for the next year, we can help you get the poultry you need.

Our Commercial Services Include

Commercial Poultry Transportation
Our fleet of delivery vehicles is equipped with a live chick delivery system to transport commercial-sized orders. Smaller orders can also be shipped through the mail or picked up in Quakertown, PA.

Custom Services
From chick sexing to specific vaccination programs, we can perform the additional services you request. As a NPIP-certified organization, you can trust that you will receive healthy, well-managed birds.

Bulk/Volume Pricing
Our staff works with you to develop a quote for your commercial chicken order. This can include delivery and the additional services you need. You’ll find our prices are reasonable, competitive to other hatcheries, and include exceptional service and support.

Are you satisfied with the performance of your flock? A Poultry Account Manager can provide consultation services to help you troubleshoot problems by identifying areas of improvement in the facility, management, nutrition or vaccination program.

Our Wholesale Customers

At Moyer’s Chicks, we serve several segments within the poultry industry. These include:

Our Commercial Customers Include:

Maple Leaf Farm
Maple Lodge Farm
Handsome Brook Farm

Placing a Commercial Order

To schedule a commercial order, call our hatchery in Quakertown, PA. We can go over your needs, availability, and delivery options. Once you place your order, we will give you an estimated timeline, as well as regular updates leading up to your delivery.

For pricing information, or to place your first order of day-old chicks, started pullets, or fertile eggs, call our office at 215-536-3155 and ask for Debbie Lange, our Purchasing Coordinator.

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