Introducing Matt Wilkinson

Matt Wilkinson is the owner-operator of Hard Cider Homestead, a family owned and operated farm in Hunterdon County, NJ, specializing in pastured poultry and animal processing.  Matt has offered to share his learned experiences and training with pastured poultry producers, looking to improve their knowledge in pasturing and processing their chickens.  

Matt is a poultry welfare officer certified by the University of Bristol, in the UK, insuring you receive information on the best farming practices for animal care.  Matt holds a Master’s degree in Education and a Bachelor’s in Agriculture Education.  

If you want to try to raise meat birds or have questions to improve what you are already doing, Matt can help.  If you need to get your birds processed or want tips on processing them yourself, Matt can advise you.  Depending on your location and quantity of broilers to process his mobile processing unit may be of interest to you.

Moyers is interested in selling you the best quality baby chicks available as well as providing you with “best practices” information to insure that maximum growth and health standards are realized and you are advised of your processing options. You may email Matt at: or call him at phone no:  609-455-8890.  He’d be happy to hear from you.