Frequently Asked Questions

How do you ship the chicks and when will they arrive?

We ship chicks via USPS Priority Mail throughout most of the Continental United States and Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Chicks are shipped the day they are hatched.Later that day we email a shipping confirmation with a tracking number. Allow 1 to 3 days for your order to reach your local post office.Your phone number is on the box and the Post Office usually notifies you promptly. Be prepared to pick up your chicks at the post office as soon as possible after you are notified.

For new customers, we advise you to notify your post office to expect your order of live chicks.


What is your return/refund policy?

In order to maintain biosecurity on our premises, we cannot accept returns on chicks or started pullets.

Our goal is to provide live healthy chicks on every shipment, If available we include extra chicks on larger orders to cover any possible losses. However, if you experience shipping losses in excess of 2% please contact us as soon as possible to arrange for a credit or replacement chicks.

Leghorn chick orders are non-refundable.


What credit cards do you accept?

We accept MasterCard, Visa, and Discover.

When does my credit card get charged?

When you place your order online, your credit card will be charged as soon as we process your order.

We are picking up our baby chicks at the hatchery, do we need to bring a box?

The chicks are placed in a specially designed box that holds 25, 50, or 100 chicks. These are the same boxes we use for shipping.

Why should I get the Mareks Vaccine?

We highly recommend having your birds vaccinated for this disease. There is no additional charge. We suggest the vaccine because the virus is spread through the air via feather dander and is highly contagious. If they are not vaccinated your chicks could have Mareks and have no obvious symptoms.

Can I get the beaks trimmed on my baby chicks?

Absolutely! For the layer chicks we suggest the double beak trim, and for broilers we suggest the single beak trim.

Can we mix chickens of different ages together?

We suggest that you keep chickens of different ages separate or, at least, keep the feed separate until they are all on the same type of feed. That is crucial for their proper body growth and development.

How long do chickens lay eggs?

Under ideal conditions, chickens could lay indefinitely. Most chickens are most productive the first year of laying with a gradual decline in subsequent seasons. 

How long can I store fertile eggs?

Fertile eggs may be stored at 60 degrees F. Storage for longer than one week usually results in lower percentage of fertility.

Where else may I purchase your brown started pullets?

The following dealers sell Moyer's Brown Started Pullets:

James Weaver
East Earl, PA                                        Year round                               


Eli Reiff
Mifflinburg, PA                                       Spring and Fall

Titus Martin
Watsontown, PA                                   Spring and Fall

John K. Esch
Aaronsburg, PA                                     Spring and Fall

David F. Stoltzfus
Allenwood, PA                                       Spring and Fall

Ira Hoover
Himrod, NY                                            Spring and Fall

Phil Metzger
Schoharie, NY                                       Spring and Fall

Morris Burr
Hampton, CT                                         Year round

Benedict’s Farm & Home
Monroe, CT                                             Spring through Fall

Roman Troyer
Dover, DE                                               Spring and Fall

Bill Slonaker
Glengary, WV                                         Year round
(VA and WV growers)


Jeff McMurray                                         Spring through Fall

Argyle, NY