Breeds & Ordering Information

Moyers Chicks carries four of the most popular and productive types of commercial chickens available. The Cornish Cross meat bird, the Brown Egg Layer, the White Leghorn and the red broiler. Here are brief descriptions of the individual characteristics of each bird:

Broiler/RoasterMoyer’s Broiler/Roaster Chicks

Sometimes nicknamed Cornish Giants, they can be grown to a live weight of over 4 lbs. by 6 weeks of age! Or, they can be managed to a roaster weight of 8-10 lbs. The males can be used for excellent caponizing stock. Live weights of 4-5 lbs. can be achieved on close to 2 lbs. of feed per pound of meat. They have excellent conformation, plump, tender breast meat and good skin texture.

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Colored BroilersMoyer’s COLORED Slow-Grow Broilers

A hearty meat bird that has resistant genetics providing good textured, flavorful meat for the discriminating consumer. They are perfect for the pastured poultry producer. The red broiler is a slower growing bird than the cornish giant with the males growing to a live weight of 5 pounds at around 8 weeks.

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Broiler/RoasterMoyer’s Brown egg layers

A hybrid cross between a White Rock egg-layer type female and a Rhode Island Red male. Sustained production peaks of months over 90% are the norm, producing 270-300 eggs by 72 weeks of age on 4.0 - 4.3 lbs. of feed per dozen eggs produced. The mature layer weighs 4.75 - 5.0 lbs. and is very docile, making it the ideal layer for small family farm flocks as well as large, commercial operations.

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White LeghornsMoyer’s White Egg Layers

These chickens are selected from some of the world’s largest Poultry breeders. Producing 300 or more eggs in a yearly laying cycle, the eggs average 26- 28 ounces per dozen, utilizing 3.25 -  3.75 lbs. of feed per dozen eggs. This is a highly efficient white egg producer doing well in confinement housing.

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Chicks are shipped via U.S. Priority Mail on the day they hatch and will reach your post office within 1-3 days. Your post office will notify you when the chicks have arrived. Be prepared to pick your order up at the post office as soon as possible after you are notified. Local customers may pick up their order at Moyer’s retail sales office at 266 Paletown Rd, Quakertown, PA 18951.

Started pullet orders (17-week-old birds) are picked up at Geissinger Farm, 2671 Old Bethlehem Pike North, Quakertown, PA 18951.

Please be aware that due to cost and supply fluctuations, prices and availability may change without notice.