Why this title?  This is my first blog entry on behalf of Moyer’s Chicks. We started this blog to give you a resource and information on raising your chicks or chickens.

My name is Melody. My grandfather Ernest Moyer started Moyer’s Chicks in 1946, with his first hatch in January 1947. My parents and two uncles now own and manage the hatchery. I have the privilege of working in the office here at Moyer’s and I have been around chickens my whole life! I have also raised numerous flocks and currently have a great flock of laying hens. I also manage our egg sales to various farmer’s markets and farm stores. Any advice you find here in this blog is based purely on my own opinions and personal experience.

The most common question I hear is, “I want to get chicks, but how and where do I start?” First, you need to decide if you want to raise them for meat or laying eggs. Moyer’s Chicks hatches two types of meat birds, White Cornish broilers and slower growing colored broilers. We also hatch two types of egg layers, the Rhode Island Red/White Rock which lays brown eggs or a white Leghorn which lays white eggs.

When your day-old chicks arrive, they will need some basic care for the first 6 weeks.  You will need:

            Enjoy your next 6 weeks of raising and caring for your flock!