A Pictorial Overview of Moyer's Chicks Operation

Egg transfer
Eggs are pneumatically transferred from shipping cases to incubator trays. Over 1000 thirty-dozen size cases are received each week.
Racks of egg trays are loaded into large incubators holding 115,000 eggs each.
Chicks removed from the incubators
Baskets of newly hatched chicks are removed from the incubators after 21 days of incubation.
Inoculation of the chicks
Chicks receive protective inoculations against potential virus exposure.
Baby chick processing.
Preparing chicks for shipping
Preparing chicks for USPS shipping throughout the U.S.
Small chicken farm
Many smaller customers are finding expanding markets for free-ranging poultry products.
Pasture raised broilers
Many Moyer's Broilers are pasture raised.
Climate-controlled, tractor trailer being loaded for shipment to Canada.
Ready to deliver chicks to Canada
Ready to deliver chicks to Canada