About Moyer's Chicks

Ivan and Leon Moyer
Ivan and Leon Moyer

In 1946 Ernest K. Moyer began construction of his new hatching facility in the middle of a former cornfield in rural Bucks County, Pennsylvania. He began incubating his first eggs in December of that year and this first hatch of several hundred chicks were delivered in a January snowstorm using the back seat of his 1941 Oldsmobile sedan.

Quality and customer service have been the hallmarks of Moyer’s Chicks ever since this humble beginning. Becoming a supporting member of the National Poultry Improvement Plan using certified U.S. Pullorum-Typhoid Clean breeding stock and choosing to hatch 12 months year-round, rather than seasonally, set Moyer’s Chicks apart, early on, from many of the other local hatcheries.

By the mid-fifties Moyer’s began using custom-designed vans and trucks to deliver baby chicks throughout eastern Pennsylvania and surrounding states. Collaboration also began with several missionaries in Puerto Rico working in agricultural and community development projects there. Weekly trips to Kennedy airport with baby chicks and hatching eggs bound for Puerto Rico became routine. By the early 60s a satellite hatchery was set up in central Puerto Rico.

By the 1970s Moyer’s began delivering truckloads of chicks to a growing customer base in Ontario and Quebec Canada as well as supplying large contracted and independent growers in central Pennsylvania. An increasing number of smaller, family flocks throughout the eastern U.S. were also requesting US mail shipments directly to their farms.

In 2001 Moyer’s reached a new record of hatching more than 16 million chicks. In recent years there has been an increase of customers coming from the sustainable agriculture movement who are providing consumers with poultry products from free-ranging, naturally grown poultry. Some customers from as far away as California are finding Moyer’s quality, price, and service to be number one on their list.